Befriending Yoga Therapy

Informed by Yoga ~ Supported by Science

Beloved Yoga’s signature Befriending Yoga Therapy Program takes the technology of Yoga and layers it with the wisdom of the Polyvagal Theory to create an experience to support anyone’s journey towards well-being. Yoga Therapy is supported by evidence-based studies that demonstrate efficacy in dealing with the reduction of cortisol (stress hormones) to supporting the management of stress and pain. Our team of therapeutic yoga teachers and yoga therapists are trauma-informed and trained to support your journey in developing self-care plans for your healthy healing and addiction recovery.


The Beloved Yoga Therapy method is informed by the ancient teachings of Yoga and influenced by the teachings of Krishnamacharya and modern scientific theories including Dr. Porge’s Polyvagal Theory. Dr. Porges’ Polyvagal Theory (PVT) focuses on the vagus nerve, the primary component of the parasympathetic nervous system. PVT addresses the neurobiology of feeling safe and helps us understand the necessity of the social engagement system in its role of down-regulating the body’s defense mechanisms.


At Beloved Yoga, we understand the biological imperative of connectedness and the necessity of making individuals feel safe. We respect bodily feelings and support physiological states that optimize the attributes of the human experience. PVT offers the Yoga domain a scientific platform to approach common imbalances. This lens gets practitioners out of labels and into self-empowerment and self-regulation models, which is at the heart of why Yoga is so impactful.


Beloved Yoga’s Befriending Yoga Therapy Program is offered in two formats:

1) Private Sessions

2) Semi-Private Series

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